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Explore Rosenfeld’s Newest Release, Design That Scales: Creating a Sustainable Design System Practice
Design in Product 2023 Full Program Announced
Unveiling Rosenfeld’s newest book, Design for Learning: User Experience in Online Teaching and Learning
Becoming a changemaker: 3 takeaways from 3 designers of change
The DesignOps Summit Conference Program is Now Live!
Enterprise UX 2023 Conference Materials are Available
Podcast: Changemakers Maria Giudice and Christopher Ireland discuss their new book
This week: What Every Designer Should Know about Interface Engineering
Mobile Design Strategy: Don’t Make This Mistake
Podcast: Design Beyond Devices—Creating Multimodal, Cross-Device Experiences with Cheryl Platz
Podcast: Making Conferences More Accessible with Darryl Adams, Intel’s Director of Accessibility
Community Videoconference: Leading through the long tail of trauma
Excerpt: Chapter One of our Newest Title, From Solo to Scaled by Natalie M. Dunbar
A Guide to Success for Content Designers and Strategists
Natalie Dunbar, author of our newest title, on The Rosenfeld Review Podcast
Just Published: From Solo to Scaled: Building a Sustainable Content Strategy Practice
Join us in San Francisco for the DesignOps Summit 2022!
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Podcast: Preview the Design at Scale 2022 Conference
Podcast: Learnings from Applying Trauma-Informed Principles to the Research Process
Podcast: Women Talk Design with Danielle Barnes
Podcast: Radical Participatory Research—Decolonizing Participatory Processes
Apply for a Scholarship to Advancing Research 2022
Apply for a Scholarship to Advancing Research 2022
Advancing Research 2022: We’re shifting from hybrid to virtual
Life and Death Design by Katie Swindler is available now!
Life and Death Design by Katie Swindler is available now!
We’ve launched the Civic Design Library
Podcast: Meet Ariel Kennan, Civic Design Co-curator
Podcast: Meet Charlotte Lee, Civic Design Co-curator
Podcast: How Creativity can Help Remote Teams Collaborate with Denise Jacobs
Podcast — Jim Ottaviani: Nuclear Engineer to Graphic Novelist
Podcast—Conversations with Things: UX Design for Chat and Voice
A New Community of Civic Designers
Can Jim Kalbach convince Jared Spool that Jobs To Be Done is its own thing?
Writing About Writing: Steve Krug returns to the Rosenfeld Review Podcast
Podcast: Promise Theory with Jeff Sussna
Podcast: Surveys That Work with Caroline Jarrett
Podcast: The Humanity of Technology—Furthering the Greater Good with Jamika Burge
Rosenfeld Media’s 2020 Retrospective
Insight at Scale: Steve Portigal and Lou Rosenfeld discuss user research in the enterprise
The Advancing Research conference has gone virtual!
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What we learned from Amy Bucher’s AMA: a recap
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Writing Is Designing: Words and the User Experience is now available for pre-order!
DesignOps Summit videos, speaker decks, tripnotes and sketchnotes now available
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4 new episodes of the Rosenfeld Review podcast: DesignOps leaders at UberEats, Shopify, J.P. Morgan Chase, Docusign, and more
Advancing Research Call for Speaker Proposals Has Closed
New Episode of the Rosenfeld Review Podcast: The Evolution of Joint Futures Conference with Producer Angelos Arnis
DesignOps Summit 2019 Program Announcement
DesignOps Summit 2019 Full-day Workshops Open for Registration
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DesignOps Summit pre-launch ticket sales end July 9
That’s a wrap! Presentation recordings, speaker decks, sketchnotes, and tripnotes from Enterprise Experience 2019 are now available
Pre-launch tickets to DesignOps Summit 2019 now available!
Something new: Rosenfeld Media communities
New Workshop Added to the EX19 Conference Lineup on June 5
DesignOps Summit 2019—Call for Presentations
Videoconference recording now available: “Merging Improv with Design” with Cheryl Platz, March 7, 11am EST
Apply to tell your story at EX2019 – if chosen, you’ll attend for free!
Pre-launch tickets to Enterprise Experience 2019 are now sold out
We’re hiring a Sales Operations Specialist!
“Getting Started in UX”: forthcoming Rosenfeld Media book by Boon Sheridan
Enterprise flUX: the evolving practice (and conference) of enterprise user experience
DesignOps Summit preliminary program now live
This week only: Summer Book Blowout
Announcing a new conference: The Business Case for Design
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Talking DesignOps
New book: Living in Information by Jorge Arango
User research and diversity
Help Defend Net Neutrality This Giving Tuesday
Happy birthday to us!
What’s DesignOps?
What’s Impacting Your Work in Enterprise UX?
New book signing! Deb Gelman tackles Design For Kids
New Book: The Right Way To Select Technology
Interview with Project Management for Humans Author Brett Harned
Journeys and Picnics
New Book Out Today: Designing Agentive Technology
What’s Next for UX? Research Results (and New Conference) Revealed
What’s New: Doorbells, Danger, and Dead Batteries
New Book Out Today: Blind Spot by Diller, Shedroff, and Sauber
New Book Out Today: Laura Klein’s Build Better Products
20 User Research Questions Answered by Laura Klein & Steve Krug
New Book Announcement: Liminal Thinking
The Story Behind Two Waves Books
Analyzing the Research Behind User Research
Announcing User Research for Everyone Conference
Position opening: Corporate Sales Executive
What’s New: Digital Reality Checks Series
New Book: Designing Interface Animation
Whose Job Is User Research? An Interview with Celia Hodent
UX in all the Odd Places
We’re hiring: Events and Corporate Training Manager
New book: Donna Lichaw’s The User’s Journey
Get your boss on board and come to Enterprise UX 2016
Whose Job is User Research? An Interview with Steve Portigal
Product Teams – Who Does What?
Just in case you were wondering
We’ve signed two new books
Whose Job is User Research? An Interview with Tomer Sharon
New book: Tomer Sharon’s Validating Product Ideas
Whose Job is User Research? An Interview with Jeff Gothelf
Announcing the Program for Product Management + UX Conference
User Research for Developing a Conference Program
Join us at The Advance Retreat
Explore the intersection of Product Management and UX
Our new editorial advisory board
Radical Books from Prodigal Authors
The People Project
We’re hiring: Content Marketer/Community Manager
Peak empathy? No, Practical Empathy!
Interview with UX Expert Aarron Walter
Free book and 20% off our People Skills for UX conference
Coming in 2016: Build Better Products by Laura Klein
Grab Your Seat: People Skills for UX Virtual Conference (May 27)
Now on sale: Lisa Welchman’s Managing Chaos
A Terrible, Horrible, No-Good, Very Bad Day
Rosenfeld Podcasts
How to be a UX hometown hero
See the future on November 5
Design for Kids… and everyone else
Now on sale: A Web for Everyone
An unanswerable survey invitation
An Editorial Shift and an Industry Transformation
The design of survey forms at GOR 2014
32 UX tips + sponsors’ freebies = :-)
UX Bookmobile on Parade
DAISY format now available for all Rosenfeld titles
New year, new book!
QuickPanel: Drones, Amazon and Other
QuickPanel: Disaster Relief
QuickPanel: Digital Cocooning
Dave Gray to write Agile Design Principles book
QuickPanel: Air Travel
Stephen Anderson will write Design for Understanding
From Information to Understanding
QuickPanel: All About The Benjamins
QuickPanel: Launch a Healthcare Exchange with No User Testing?
Sara Wachter-Boettcher on the Biggest Mistake in Responsive Design
Aaron Gustafson on the Biggest Responsive Design Mistake
Mobile Design Strategy: Don’t Make This Mistake
Designing Media Queries: A Few Great Resources
Mobile First Design: Don’t Make This Mistake
Mobile Typography: Don’t Make This Mistake
Why We Fail: now on sale
UX events for September and October
Now on sale: The User Experience Team of One
Get 50% off Mental Models by Indi Young today only!
Get 50% off Web Form Design by Luke Wroblewski today only!
Interview with Peter Jones, Part I
A short interview with Whitney Quesenbery and 50% off her book today only!
Wacky Wednesdays Are Back!
So You Want to Write a UX Book
A Short Interview With Dirk Knemeyer
5 books for the price of 4
Now on sale: “Design for Care: Innovating Healthcare Experience”
Interview with UX Expert Steve Krug
Now on sale: Steve Portigal’s “Interviewing Users”
Interview with UX Expert Susan Weinschenk
Indi Young to tackle Practical Empathy
Interview with UX Expert Luke Wroblewski
Interview with Whitney Quesenbery
Interview with Responsive Design Expert Aaron Gustafson
Interview with Responsive Design Expert Sara Wachter-Boettcher
Interview with Responsive Design Expert Jason CranfordTeague
An Interview with Service Design authors Andy Polaine and Lavrans Løvlie
Two new UX events for spring 2013
Good News, Bad News
Readmill + your iPhone + our books
15 Questions with Steve Portigal – Rosenfeld Media
We’re hiring a Marketing Manager
2 New Books at 20% off!
Why we’ve been so quiet
Expert Interview: Lisa Welchman
Expert Interview: Susan Weinschenk
Expert Interview: Caroline Jarrett
Expert Interview: Aarron Walter
NYC, Minneapolis, Toronto: fall UX workshop roadshow stops
Make It So is now on sale!
Expert Interview: Christian Crumlish
Now supporting Readmill
Chris Noessel on learning from science fiction interface failures
How to get $100 off your next book order?
Indi Young on generative versus evaluative research
John Ferrara on “gamifying” experience
Rachel Hinman’s The Mobile Frontier is now on sale
10 tips for better UX surveys
Retiring an ebook format
Now on sale: Playful Design by John Ferrara
New book signing! Lisa Welchman will be Managing Chaos
Two questions for Whitney Quesenbery on storytelling
Three reasons why your response from your panels may not be what you want
Luke Wroblewski on the Most Common Web Form Mistake
Survey seminar: resources and slides
New book signing! Sara Wachter-Boettcher to take Content Everywhere
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We’re coming to DC!
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Anders Ramsay on avoiding agile-induced dysfunctions
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Presentation on the survey process
Josh Clark joins our editorial board
Survey book of the month, December 2011
Our holiday deal: 40% off everything!
Storytelling for UX now available in Japanese
Survey book of the month, October 2011
Is it a redesign?
Introduction to usability testing for survey research
London selling out; still seats for Seattle
Rosenfeld author, Fast Company columnist
We’re now more than a publishing company
The tweet that could win you a signed book
Survey book of the month, August 2011
Tomorrow’s Wacky Wednesday: 50% off Search Analytics for Your Site
Tomorrow’s Wacky Wednesday: 50% off Storytelling
Tomorrow’s Wacky Wednesday: 50% off Remote Research
Better survey invitations and reminders
Tomorrow: 50% off Card Sorting
Survey book of the month, July 2011
Our books in Chinese
Using EEG in a usability test of a survey
Tomorrow: 50% off Design Is the Problem
Ten tips for a better survey, UX Bristol
Bruce Lee, I need your help
UX workshops in Seattle, London, and Washington DC
Tomorrow: 50% off Web Form Design
Now on sale: Search Analytics for Your Site
Survey book of the month, June 2011
Our fearless leader on publishing business models
Take a quick survey; win a free book?
Steve Portigal to write book on interviewing users
Axure & Rosenfeld Media UX Giveaway
Get $5 to help improve our shopping UX
Survey book of the month, May 2011
Survey that could be better; Radisson
We’re now fully Kindle-ized
Rosenfeld Media at UX Lisbon
Survey book of the month, April 2011
Horton and Quesenbery to tackle Web Accessibility
SUS Svensk: System Usability Scale in Swedish
Survey book of the month, March 2011
Free pass to Healthcare Experience Design conference (and a set of our books)
Our O’Reilly partnership now official
Test our first book! (in Manhattan, October 11)
Test an email client, get a free book
Rosenfeld featured in Digital Book World interview
Survey book of the month, February 2011
2010 in 46 surveys: too many
UX workshops on parade
Make It So: learn interaction design from science fiction
The future: now 25% off!
Now partnering with O’Reilly on digital book sales
Surveys in the news: Valentine’s day
SUS: a good enough usability questionnaire
UX Bookmobile takes a roadtrip
Forthcoming book on eye tracking from Aga Bojko
Survey book of the month, January 2011
Be a charter subscriber, win our books!
Canadian orders now ship from… Canada!
Writing and looking for stories
Good news for prototyping enthusiasts
One answer may win you a book
40% off everything through January 1
Rachel Hinman will chart “The Mobile Frontier”
Happy birthday, UX Book Clubs!
Yoni Knoll and Peter Bogaards: new board members
Incredible package of UX tools
Our books are now Kindle-friendly
Please subscribe to the newsletter that’s not (yet)
New book signing: “Service Design” by Polaine, Reason, & Løvlie
A month of gathering ideas
Reading is Fundamental
Leah Buley to write “UX Team of One”
Ferrara walks the walk
Downloading digital books to your favorite device
New advisors: Harry Max and Kristian Simsarian
A new addition to the Rosenfeld Media family
The winning Canucks
Web Form Design now available in ePub format
Irene Au, Kim Goodwin, and Jared Spool join our editorial board
Getting started
Caroline Jarrett to write book on survey design
Events with Caroline Jarrett
Our Canucks-only contest
Our last Wednesday deal: 50% off “Storytelling for UX”
50% off “Remote Research” this Wednesday
Wednesday’s 50% off special: “Prototyping: A Practitioner’s Guide”
This Wednesday: 50% off “Card Sorting”
Wednesday only: 50% off “Design Is the Problem”
50% off this Wednesday: Web Form Design
50% off a book each Wednesday
Author Twitter list
We’re growing!
Now accepting PayPal
New book: “Storytelling for User Experience”
“Storytelling for User Experience”: one week to go!
Free RM book with Websort purchase
Discount for UX Lisbon
Free copy of Remote Research with purchase of Usabilla
New RM book: Remote Research
Upcoming author talks and a UX London discount
How delicious is RM?
New book signing: “Playful Design” by John Ferrara
“The single, most powerful communications tool you have”
Looking ahead to 2010
Hello Europe!
Upcoming Author Presentations
How to do a survey in six steps
Mental Models now available in Korean
Todd Zaki Warfel’s “Prototyping” now on sale!
WUD promo: 50% off our sustainable design book and webinar
How to plan your first lean user research project
Upcoming author events (and discounts)
New packages, new pricing coming October 20
Our first book in EPUB format…
Our authors at SXSW 2010
IDEA 2009
Delve: 3 authors and a discount (NYC, August 5-6)
Meet Indi Young at Interaccion 2009 (Barcelona)
Future Practice Interview: John Ferrara
Redish and Kalbach webinar recordings now on sale
Discount for UPA members
Web Form Design now available in Korean
New book signing: Peter Jones’s “Designing for Care”
Want a free copy of Card Sorting?
New recorded webinar, and a price cut
Future Practice Interview: Jim Kalbach
Love (and books) to UX Book Clubs
Question: How do I win a free Rosenfeld Media book?
Future Practice Interview: Ginny Redish
Kristina Halvorson’s Content Strategy webinar recording on sale
Donna Spencer’s “Card Sorting” now on sale
New Video Series: “Rosenfeld Questions”
We’ve moved
Webinar news: Shedroff recording available, and price cuts
Help us test EPUB format?
Now on sale: Nathan Shedroff’s “Design Is the Problem”
UX BookMobile comes to Denver
Our ebook strategy: feedback, please!
Tomorrow’s webinar: Nathan Shedroff on Sustainable Design
Mental Models cover wins a CommArts award
Dave Gray joins our strategic board
Our next UX Book Salon: Sunday March 22 in Memphis
Bill Scott’s Interface Engineering webinar now on sale
Upcoming author appearances (and some discounts)
Follow Rosenfeld Media on Twitter
New book, new webinar on sustainable design
Future Practice Interview: Bill Scott
Now on sale: “Beyond Usability” webinar recording
Dan Szuc joins our editorial board
Design is the Problem due out in March
This week: User Research Beyond Usability
Events update: author talks, UX book salons
Five new Future Practice webinars scheduled!
Rosenfeld Media kicks off UX Book Salons
UX Book Clubs around the world
Keep up with us on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter
A customer service milestone, and a nice discount
Mental Models webinar this Thursday (December 11)
Modern Web Form Design recording now on sale
Single feed for combined author postings
New book signing: “Remote Research” by Bolt and Tulathimutte
Future Practice Interview: Indi Young
UX Book Salon: 2009 tour planned
Future Practice Interview: Luke Wroblewski
A peek at three new book covers
Do you like it?
October’s author events calendar update
Future Practice: our new UX webinar series
Upcoming author appearances (and some discounts)
November author events update
Server migration on tap for this evening
Raffling off a free IDEA registration
New book signing: Nathan Shedroff on sustainable design
Kevin Cheng to write Rosenfeld Media book
Service outage affecting Rosenfeld Media’s site
Digital editions: some input please?
Diane Cerra joins Rosenfeld Media’s strategic board
Our authors get around #2
Book design and testing
“Web Form Design” now on sale!
Donna Spencer at Web Directions South
UX Zeitgeist: open for business
Another special discount: 2008 An Event Apart conferences
Special discount to Adaptive Path MX conference
Luke Wroblewski’s Web Form Design: update and a discount
New Episode of the Rosenfeld Review Podcast: The Evolution of Joint Futures Conference with Producer Angelos Arnis
New book underway: “Storytelling for User Experience Design”
Indi Young and Luke Wroblewski presenting at UIE’s Web App Summit
15,400 kilometers / 9,600 miles in 3 days
Books we’d like to publish
Indi Young’s “Mental Models” now on sale
Rich Wiggins search analytics workshop in Sydney
Indi Young will teach a UIE virtual seminar: details and a discount
Keeping you satisfied
Rosenfeld Media Author Events
Indi Young’s Mental Models book is on the way
Short presentation on Rosenfeld Media
UX consciousness in business magazines
A dash of agile, a dash of peer review: How we evaluate book proposals
User experience and the analysts
Nathan Shedroff joins Rosenfeld Media editorial board
RSS feed for Indi Young’s book has changed
Testing the design of the book
UX Zeitgeist now in alpha
Luke Wroblewski to write book on web form design
Todd Zaki Warfel to write book on prototyping
Proudly supporting UXnet
Design our book covers?
Liz Danzico joins Rosenfeld Media
All quiet?
Indi Young signs to write book on alignment diagrams
The Dirt on Rosenfeld Media: the Boxes & Arrows interview
Search analytics “Book in Progress” site now live
RM signs Donna Maurer to author book on card sorting
More on what makes for a good design book
Reaching beyond the English-speaking market
What makes for a good design book?
Ironing out some kinks
From the Murphy Desk at Rosenfeld Media
Whoa There, Cowboy…
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