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Survey seminar: resources and slides


Thanks to everyone who attended my Virtual Seminar “Designing effective surveys” on 28th February 2012.

If you missed it, you can:

Resources that I mention in the seminar

I started by talking about a survey as a process:

Books that I mentioned:

  • Dillman, Smyth and Christian (2008) “Internet, Mail, and Mixed-Mode Surveys: The Tailored Design Method”, my Survey book of the Month, January 2011
  • Krosnick, J. A. and S. Presser (2009). “Question and Questionnaire Design”, chapter in “Handbook of Survey Research” (2nd Edition) J. D. Wright and P. V. Marsden, Elsevier. The chapter is available online: Question and Questionnaire Design (.pdf)
  • Reiss, E. (2000) “Practical Information Architecture:A Hands-On Approach to Structuring Successful Web Sites”. claims that it’s out of print now, but it seems to be easily available second-hand for the cost of the postage. Obviously the examples are out of date, but if you can get beyond that then there is plenty in it that is still relevant today. Eric often talks about the concept of ‘shared reference’, for example in his talk “Content Strategists” (SlideShare)

Other resources:

Slides for “Designing Effective Surveys” virtual seminar

Design tips for surveys UIE 2012

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