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Indi Young to tackle Practical Empathy


This one was a no-brainer.

We’ve signed a new book that will help researchers and designers take better advantage of empathy. We often take it for granted that we UX practitioners are, by definition, empathetic. But we’re often wrong. And even if we are reasonably empathetic, we can all do better—by taking a conscious and critical dive into what empathy means and how we can actually use it more effectively. That’s where Practical Empathy, due out in 2014, will help.

And of course, we’re thrilled to be working once again with Indi Young—author of our very first book, Mental Models, co-founder of Adaptive Path, and Rosenfeld Media expert. I’ve had the unique pleasure of discovering huge mental model diagrams papering clients’ war rooms again and again and again. Given that I’m both a consultant and publisher, you can guess how happy that makes me. I’m hoping Practical Empathy will have a similarly powerful impact on our industry.