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Tickets to the Inaugural Advancing Research 2020 Conference now Available

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What makes the Advancing Research 2020 conference unique?

  • A research-driven conference: Practicing what we preach, we’ve designed the conference and its program based on two robust phases of user research, involving nearly 1,000 responses and analysis from over a dozen highly-experienced researchers.
  • A diverse, compelling speaker line-up: We’re carefully selecting speakers for their ideas and for the diverse perspectives and experiences they represent. 40% of our conference proposals come from members of under-represented groups; 17% come from new speakers.
  • Presentations that set the standard for quality: Once we select our speakers, we work with them iteratively over months to prepare and rehearse their presentations.
  • Our attendees shape and lead the industry: You’ll meet more research leaders, high-level research managers, and experienced research practitioners than you’ll find at perhaps any other conference.

Who should attend the Advancing Research 2020 conference?

  • Experienced researchers: People who conduct research projects, select methods and develop methodologies, design studies, and evaluate products and services.
  • Research team leaders and managers: People who select research tools and platforms, hire and onboard researchers, manage research operations, develop methodologies for their teams, and represent research in the C-suite.
  • Senior leaders, innovators, and strategists: People who have invested heavily into building cutting-edge research organizations.