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Some changes for 2024


2023 is done. Put a fork in it. Fini! And thank goodness.

Moving right along: we’ve got a couple of interesting things queued up at Rosenfeld Media HQ for 2024.

A community that’s easier to use, more wide-ranging in its coverage

First off, we’re making a major change to the Rosenfeld communities (DesignOps, Advancing Research, Enterprise Design, and Civic Design), combining them into a single Rosenfeld community. These curated communities have been educating and connecting, for free, thousands of UX and product people through monthly webinars and conversations, newsletters, and Slack-based discussions. Some go all the way back to 2017. Why would we change this?

Because you and your interests are evolving. So it doesn’t make much sense for Rosenfeld to invest in the same four topics year in and year out—especially at the expense of exploring new areas with you. And there are so, so many new topics on our collective minds (off the top of my head, climate UX, portfolio design, and everything AI).

Instead, we’ll publish one newsletter (more on that below), host a variety of free calls, and Slack discussions that cover a broader and more timely range of topics. We’ll continue to host curated DesignOps and Advancing Research-both videoconferences and Slack discussions—and we’re already entertaining hosting and supporting new interest groups within our consolidated community. (Have a topic in mind? We’d love to hear more.)

Long story short: the new Rosenfeld community will be easier for you to use and for us to maintain. And best of all, a more welcoming home for new topics that you want to discuss.

Reporting on Rosenfeld and more

Second, we’ve just launched the Rosenfeld Report, a new newsletter. “New newsletter” you groan? Who wants one of those? Well, as you’re already reading this, you probably do. In a nutshell:

  • There’s so much to keep track of—even just the news out of Rosenfeld Media—that consolidating to one newsletter is a no-brainer. Now you’ll know where to look to keep track of our conferences, new book pre-order announcements and other deals, all the free community events we produce, and more.
  • Each issue includes a handful of the most important things you can read about UX and product design, curated by Uday Gajendar. In other words, our newsletter will literally make you smarter.
  • We’ll send it every two weeks—nice and predictable, so you can quickly scan it.

Having one newsletter will also reduce the number of announcements we send out overall. We’d like that, and we’re guessing you would too.

If you’re already subscribed to our other newsletters or announcement lists, you won’t need to do anything; you’ll just notice fewer, more useful communications from us. If you’re not, please subscribe here (and tell your pals to do the same). You can preview our first issue, which debuted December 5, here.

What else is happening at Rosenfeld? Lots of new books, a new conference, and the launching of our long-awaited membership service in the new year. I’ll dig into these in more depth very soon—and if you don’t want to miss any of it, be sure you (ahem) subscribe to the Rosenfeld Report.