Now available: Design for Impact by Erin Weigel

New packages, new pricing coming October 20


Starting next Wednesday, October 20, we’ll simplify how we bundle our books’ various formats (and, yes, we’ll change—slightly—our pricing). In a nutshell, we’ll offer two bundles:

  • For US$39, you’ll receive the book in these formats:
    1. A lovely, high-quality paperback, full-color inside and out. Great paper, sewn binding—the best that traditional publishing has to offer.
    2. An ePub version, specifically designed to work on your iPad, iPhone, or Android device, with no DRM protections.
    3. A screen-optimized PDF version, designed to be displayed and easily paged through on your computer; again, sans DRM.
    4. For US$22, you’ll receive the book in all three digital formats we offer:
      1. The ePub file.
      2. The screen-optimized PDF file.
      3. And a printer-optimized PDF file, designed to be printed on your own laser printer. It’s essentially the same thing we send to our printer, only with the toner-hungry elements removed.

      We think this is a sensible approach; so do smart publishers like O’Reilly and Pragmatic Programmers, who pioneered it.

      The cost of our current paperback + screen-optimized PDF package is US$36; facing increasing production costs, we are raising it slightly. But we are also adding one more format (ePub) to the package. The digital-only package price won’t change but will move from two to three formats.

      We’ll discontinue our US$9 promotional price for ePubs when we switch this over on October 20, so if you were thinking of purchasing one of our ePubs, please do so soon! And if you have questions or comments, this is a good time and place to raise them.