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Podcast: Learnings from Applying Trauma-Informed Principles to the Research Process


The Rosenfeld Review Podcast (Rosenfeld Media) · Learnings from Applying Trauma-Informed Principles to the Research Process

If the past two years haven’t made it clear, researchers and designers absolutely must be prepared to understand and address trauma as a factor in our work and our lives. Social worker, designer, and Advancing Research 2022 speaker Rachael Dietkus joins Lou on the Rosenfeld Review to plumb the intersection of social work, UX, and how these play out in trauma-informed research and design. She shares her approach to applying trauma-informed principles to the research process, and highlights important key factors including:

  • Defining Rachael’s three main intersections between design and social work: social work values, design research methodologies, and trauma-informed (also known as trauma-responsive) principles
  • The importance of asking how the above three principles meld together in design to foster a humanistically-informed lens
  • The ways social work as a care field translates into user experience design, and why this is a necessary step to include in design methodology
  • How the concept of “care,” which includes building relationships, establishing rapport, hearing other people’s stories, and more is central to ensuring human-centered design principles
  • Addressing the preexisting disconnect between designers (from a process-based perspective) and social workers (from a humanistic perspective), and how collaboration between the two can positively impact end users
  • Ensuring the preconditions that need to exist are shared and maintained at the highest level of integrity, and how a safety plan can help bring this to reality
  • The importance of assessing risk when building new programs and policies, as well as addressing adjacent process methodology-related contexts
  • How engaging with people from a design perspective means engaging with trauma, and why that positively challenges designers to show up in wholesome capacity
  • What it means to weave compassion and understanding into design
  • How the trauma-informed approach can serve as a set of preventive measures that can help mitigate potential negative impacts for users

Learn more from Rachael’s talk, “Learnings from Applying Trauma-Informed Principles to the Research Process” at our upcoming virtual conference, Advancing Research 2022 (virtual, March 9-11). Register today!