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New Book Announcement: Liminal Thinking


I’ve got two kids, 8 and 12 years old. With issues like race relations, income inequality, wars without end, and presidential politicking here in the US, it’s harder and harder to make sense of the world for them.

It’s hard to even explain it to myself. While I’m doubtful that the good old days were all that good (thank you, Steven Pinker), I do know that there are many, many factors—from where we choose to live, to (ahem) Facebook—that make me feel like we’re all busily locking, loading, and reinforcing our concrete bunkers. And doing everything we can to build walls between ourselves and the Other. Whoever Other is for us. Opportunities to interact with and understand people Book cover design for Liminal Thinkingwith different perspectives are disappearing as fast as the ice caps. It’s not a happy, much less tenable, situation.

That’s why launching Dave Gray’s new book, Liminal Thinking, is so meaningful for me.

Sure, it’s always exciting to publish something new. I like to think our UX books have, in some small way, made the world a better place for users.

But Liminal Thinking—the first in our Two Waves series—has the opportunity to make the world a better place for people. Not just for the ones who make and use products and services. But for anyone who understands the need to break down their walls of belief and connect with others.

Liminal Thinking is, if anything, a self-help book, and it’s quite practical. Six principles, nine practices, 184 pages, and lots of Dave’s deceptively simple illustrations. That’s it. You’ll read it in a couple hours, and it might just change your life. Seriously. See what others have shared in Amazon reviews so far.