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Better Meetings by Design

Proper facilitation, visual thinking, and real-time capture are all critical in order to bring harmony to the natural tangents that happen in our brains during meetings and allow us to design better meetings. Tactics like these help teams process the problems they’re tackling early in the process, and enable them to act upon that understanding. These tactics are fundamental building blocks of a good design process, and as a result, bring design thinking into the traditional meeting. Well designed meetings lead to better outcomes.

Kevin M. Hoffman - Author of Meeting Design
Crafting Metrics for UX Success

Most company metrics and analytics miss the most important question: “Does our product work for our users?” By adding meaningful metrics for UX success to a design toolkit, teams are better equipped to measure interactions that are core to the product’s purpose. When relevant metrics are used to inform and support design decisions, the results can be both strategic and persuasive.

Kate Rutter - Lean strategist with visual communication chops
Design Operations Essentials

Historically, design practices have focused on process, methods, and craft. But this limits design’s potential—design leaders can provide more value to their organizations by implementing robust DesignOps. In Design Operations Essentials, Dave Malouf will introduce participants to the three lenses of DesignOps, and how each one helps an organization increase the value it gets from its design practice. Participants will learn frameworks from strategic thinking and service design so they can start developing their own operational models for their design practices.

Dave Malouf - Consultant, Coach, Teacher
Designing Your Design Organization

As a design organization grows and becomes more complex, designers are spread too thin and don’t feel good about the quality of their work. How best to work within cross-functional teams is unclear. Retention suffers as designers feel ineffective and their career growth isn’t being given sufficient attention. Recruiting and hiring practices aren’t filling roles quickly enough, leaving gaps throughout the organization. Design leaders can’t devote their energy to creative leadership as operational challenges take precedence. The user experience has lost cohesion as more and more isolated teams contribute to it.

Peter Merholz - Co-author of Org Design for Design Orgs
Essential Listening for People and Groups

Listening is perhaps THE skill that is both fundamental to design, collaboration, and management, and at the same time most under-discussed, under-practiced, and underdeveloped among our teams. Good listening improves relationships and collaboration, transforms conflict from process-blocker to creative spark, and deepens the creative process at all stages.

Marc Rettig - Pioneer of design in social complexity
Fundamentals of Brand-Driven Content Strategy

In this hands-on workshop, you can expect actionable education in brand-driven content strategy that you can bring directly to your next meeting or presentation, whether you create web experiences, mobile apps, social media, print collateral, or something else. Get up to speed on the philosophy, questions, tools, and exercises to implement it. Learn how to prioritize communication goals and develop a message architecture, and the best ways to present your recommendations and enable them through a content audit, content model, and ongoing governance.

Margot Bloomstein - Brand and content strategist and author of Content Strategy at Work
Information Architecture Essentials

More of our transactions and social interactions are moving online every day. People access these digital products and services using a growing variety of devices: notebook computers, mobile phones, wearables, voice-driven smart assistants, and more. Good experience requires that these systems be coherent and understandable. As a result, information architecture (IA) is more important today than ever before.

Jorge Arango - Information Architect and author of Living in Information
Lean Usability Testing

Even though usability testing is one of the most effective things you can do to improve any digital product, not much of it gets done. Why? Because people tend to think that it has to be a time consuming process that requires serious expertise and will slow down development.

Steve Krug - Author of Don’t Make Me Think and Rocket Surgery Made Easy
Mapping the User Experience

Few organizations deliberately want to create a bad user experience for the people they serve, yet we see even the best-intentioned organizations doing it all the time. The fundamental problem is one of alignment: organizations are out of sync with what the people they serve actually experience. Misalignment impacts the entire enterprise: teams lack a common purpose, solutions are built that are detached from reality, there is a focus on technology rather than experience, and strategy is shortsighted.

Jim Kalbach - Design strategist and author of The Jobs To Be Done Playbook
Mental Models for Better Decision-Making

This course is a one-day microcosm of Indi Young’s whole advanced training cycle. It also contains new material from her upcoming book.

Indi Young - Author of Mental Models and Practical Empathy
Practical Jobs To Be Done

What you’ll learn Learn core concepts of JTBD from a recognized leader through hands-on exercises so you can put techniques to work right away.

Jim Kalbach - Design strategist and author of The Jobs To Be Done Playbook
Scalable Design Systems

The role of design with large organizations is expanding, spreading across product teams and influencing decision-making at higher and higher levels. This scale makes it increasingly challenging to align product teams to deliver cohesive, consistent experiences efficiently across a customer journey.

Nathan Curtis - Design systems guru
Storytelling for User and Customer Experience

Stories in UX are data shaped into a useful, compelling format to explore insights about the real people who use our products and services, and connect the dots from user research to the final product – weaving through early sketches, personas, and journey maps. In this workshop, you’ll spend the day working with stories, trying out techniques from word sketches to cartoons and storyboards and learn how to shape and share insights from UX research that keep design solutions connected to user needs.

Whitney Quesenbery - Co-author of A Web for Everyone and Storytelling for User Experience

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  • Rosenfeld Media’s training jump-started our team’s user experience skills and gave us practical tools we were immediately able to put to use.

    Steve Viarengo, Vice President of Product, Oracle Taleo

  • Our experience with two recent Rosenfeld Media workshops was top notch. Both presenters were professional, engaging, and highly credible. They took the time in advance to understand our business and tailored their content to meet our specific needs. We are looking forward to engaging them on more topics.

    Tracy Loring, Senior Manager, Product Competency Team, Rackspace

  • We found Boon to be extremely knowledgeable, as well as a great facilitator, who helped us get the most out of our recent information architecture workshops.   Our internal team had many ‘a-ha’ moments and the benefits of these, as well as many other discoveries, will be recognized across more areas of our organization than we had anticipated!

    Theresa Richwine
    Webmaster, Office of College Advancement, HACC, Central Pennsylvania’s Community College

  • Rosenfeld Media helped jumpstart our ‘UXstudio’ by creating low cost ways to get feedback and buy-in from users and stakeholders. We continue to grow as an organization with the tools and techniques they left with us.

    Brian Colcord, Senior Director, UX and Product Design, LogMeIn

  • I’m continually impressed with the range of offerings from Rosenfeld Media. We have benefited from training that immediately moved our design and development practices to insights and techniques that will pay long-term dividends as we apply them to our strategic processes.

    Christian Rohrer, Chief Design Officer, Consumer and Mobile, McAfee (An Intel Company)