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Bruce Lee, I need your help


Updated, September 13: The winner of our August book: Nate Burgos (@designfeast) for sending support Steve Portigal’s way. Finish that book, Steve; thanks Nate!

Imagine trying to have a long, detailed conversation with a stranger that you’ll never meet. The stranger may be far away from you—in time as well as in distance. Worse, you have to squeeze your conversation into the tiny open spaces you have between your professional and personal obligations.

Now you know why writing a book is so hard, even for a successful, experienced author like Sunni Brown:

tweet from Sunni Brown

As of this moment, there are 17 authors working on new Rosenfeld Media books (we’ll announce one more very soon). All of our authors could use some encouragement, and you can help. Here’s how:

Choose one of our books-in-progress. Then tweet why you’re looking forward to their book. If you can, include the author’s twitter ID (here’s a list). And include the hash tag #RMgo. Here are two examples:

Getting nervous about lawsuits: really need that web accessibility book from @whitneyq & @gradualclearing. #RMgo (that’s 112 characters)

Loved @ugleah’s UX team of one workshop; could really use the book! #RMgo (73 characters)

Do it as many times as you like. Each tweet will serve as your entry into a monthly free book-giveaway. We’ll announce winners on the @rosenfeldmedia Twitter feed and in our newsletter, the Rosenfeld Review. It’s that simple.

Thanks for your help!