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Our conferences are renowned for their cutting-edge content, empowering UX and product professionals to stay ahead of the curve.


Virtual Conference: Designing with AI 2024

Join us at Designing with AI 2024, where we’ve moved beyond speculation about Artificial Intelligence’s impact on UX professionals—it’s time to address more pressing questions: How can AI elevate the effectiveness and impact of UX professionals? And equally important, how can we navigate and prevent the potential pitfalls resulting from hasty AI integration?

You’ll learn from and be inspired by cutting-edge case studies and demonstrations that showcase AI applications in UX design, research, and content creation. And our expert panels will empower you to sharpen your critical thinking, enabling proactive anticipation and mitigation of unintended consequences stemming from AI in our field.

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Virtual Conference: DesignOps Summit 2024

The DesignOps Summit 2024 is the premier event for people who lead design operations and teams.

We’re bringing together a potent mix of experts and new voices to demonstrate the incredible impact that DesignOps is having, and to reveal the amazing places we can take it. We hope you’ll be a part of it too! Stay tuned for opportunities to present, facilitate, and network.

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