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We’re hiring a Marketing Manager


Certainly, this is exciting news for us; maybe for you too?

This is a new position, with flexible hours. We expect it to eventually grow into a full-time gig. And you’d get to help define it as the job—and the company—change.

We don’t post job openings every day, so I’m sure we’ve forgotten to include something. Feel free to post questions below in the comments section. Or… go ahead and apply. We’d love a cover letter and a resume by Friday, January 4. Thanks!

Position Opening: Marketing Manager at Rosenfeld Media

The Job

Rosenfeld Media is the premier provider of books, training, consulting, and other expertise-based services to the growing community of user experience design professionals. We are a small company, but our brand is well-known and respected in the user experience (UX) community, and many of the UX field’s leading lights write our books, consult for our clients, and teach our courses. We seek a strong communicator to help us broaden our visibility and deepen our engagement within that community.

This is a half-time position (20 hours/week) with flexible hours; as our company grows, we expect it to become a full-time position. Because this is a new position, and the company and its market are changing, the person we hire will have a great opportunity to help define the position itself.

The position’s initial responsibilities include:

  • Helping develop and execute our regular promotional activities (for example, creating and posting newsletters, blog postings, tweets, and book contests)
  • Developing new, engaging ways to promote our people, products, and services
  • Working with partners (e.g., sponsors, magazines, and conferences) to develop and carry-out joint promotions

The Approach

We use the term “marketing” loosely. While we value, respect, and—when appropriate—utilize traditional marketing approaches and methods, our brand’s success is built on conversation and curation. Conversation means listening to and engaging with our community, and curation means providing uniquely valuable content to the community. The Marketing Manager will continue to intensify our ongoing efforts to communicate with and curate for our community.

Skills and Experience

The candidate:

  • Is a strong communicator who can listen, talk, and write in a compelling way
  • Can work independently and remotely, tackling discrete projects while managing ongoing tasks
  • Has a flexible schedule
  • Generates and tries new ideas, makes and admits mistakes, and learns from them
  • Can demonstrate relevant success in past positions

The ideal candidate:

  • Is familiar with (or has demonstrated curiosity in) the field of user experience design
  • Has experience marketing and promoting expertise-based products and services (e.g., books, training, and/or consulting)
  • Has experience with at least some marketing and social media tools (currently, we rely upon MovableType, Google Analytics, Mailchimp, Twitter, and Hootsuite)
  • Yet knows that tool use is only one of many means to achieving success
  • Has a bachelor’s degree in communications, marketing, or a related field
  • Is located in the New York City metropolitan area

How to Apply

Please submit your resume and a cover letter using our form by January 4, 2013.