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Help us test EPUB format?


Like just about every publisher, we’re grappling with working out our ebook publishing strategy. Many of you have expressed interest in the EPUB format, an open standard that can be read on iPhones and Sony Readers.

So we’ve taken a first crack at formatting a chapter—consider this an alpha—and would love for you EPUB fans to take a crack at trying it out on your favorite device. Please download the file (about 4Mb), beat on it a bit, and post your comments here (please let us know what device you’re using). Send any screen shots you want to share to lou (at)

The test chapter is from Donna Spencer’s forthcoming book Card Sorting: Designing Usable Categories, which is due out in a few weeks. For your trouble, we’ll send you the EPUB version when it’s available. Or, if for some reason we can’t swing EPUB, we’ll send it to you as a PDF.

Thanks for your help!

Updated, 5pm EDT April 3: Woops. Lesson #1 of working with EPUB: DON’T ZIP AN EPUB FILE. Sorry folks, we know better now. The link above will now get you an unzipped version. Thanks to Chris Farnum, Liza Daley, and Diane Kenedy for letting us know (and deep apologies for the hassle). Next, on to EPUB validation. (And thank to Ben Crowder too!)