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An Editorial Shift and an Industry Transformation


Lean User Research for Product Development. That’s the title of our newly signed book. It’ll be written by the brilliant Tomer Sharon, a researcher at Google, and will come out in 2015.

The first part of the title seems to sound like what you’d expect from Rosenfeld Media. But “product development”? What about UX? Have we lost our way here at Rosenfeld Media world headquarters?

Well, things are getting interesting out there. Like you, we’re noting an interesting shift in the industry. Designers and researchers are finding themselves in closer quarters with product managers, startup founders, and business leaders. In fact, more and more they’re the same people.

Tomer’s book—but also Victor Lombardi’s Why We Fail and forthcoming titles like Indi Young’s Practical Empathy, Dave Gray’s Principles of Agility, and Lisa Welchman’s Managing Chaos—clearly and directly acknowledge this transformation.

As the UX industry changes all industry, we’ll be there with you. We’ll continue to publish short, practical books that help you with the nuts and bolts of UX practice. But we’ll also be there with you as you grind out your service’s P&L, build out your team, make your products come to life, and change how business is done globally. Yes, that sounds grandiose, but it’s already happening. We plan to help.