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Make It So: learn interaction design from science fiction


If you’re excited by the interfaces you see in films like Minority Report and District 9, now you can justify the hours you’ve spent watching Star Trek episodes and other science fiction films and television. Design has always been a form of fiction, so it comes as no surprise that interaction designers can benefit from the processes and concepts created for these stories. Whether you watch on your tricorder, er, iPhone, on the big screen, or on your iPad (which, by the way, you might have caught a glimpse of back in 2004 watching The Incredibles), science fiction can offer serious design insight as well as fascinating fun.

Science fiction has remained a pastime for designers, instead of a valuable source of insight and learning—until now. Make It So, by Nathan Shedroff and Chris Noessel, will be the first book to connect the inspiring “blue sky” designs of scifi with your own work in interaction design. We’re very excited to be publishing this book, and expect it to be available in late 2011.