Now available: Design for Impact by Erin Weigel

UX Zeitgeist: open for business


Over the past year or two, we’ve been working on a new service for the user experience, and it’s now ready for you to use and, more importantly, participate in. It’s called UX Zeitgeist, and our goal is to profile the books that the UX community uses, and the books that they want to see published.

All it takes is getting a lot of people in the UX community to answer three simple questions. We take your answers and aggregate them with information from a host of other UX-related sites. The results include some potentially wonderful benefits, ranging from a communally-developed and ranked library of UX books, an index of UX topics that the community is wondering about, and information on UX people that’s useful for research and egosurfing alike. You can track all sorts of information by charts that show trends, and there are RSS feeds galore.

Want to try it out? Please do; it’s free. Want to participate? Let us know; it should only take you a few minutes. Want to learn more? Watch the video on YouTube (it’s short: 5:44) or right here.