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UX Book Clubs around the world


From the Wish We’d Thought Of It Department: over the past month, about twenty UX Book Clubs have cropped up all over the place. And like any good grass roots movement, there’s a wiki in the mix. Check it out and if you don’t see one in your location listed, add it to the wiki and follow the advice offered there for getting your club going.

To help raise awareness of UX books, Rosenfeld Media will be glad to ship a complimentary copy of any of our own books to club organizers. All we ask is that you point us to a web page for your club that includes our title in your upcoming schedule of book discussions. Oh, and send us your name and address, of course.

We’ll also be doing our part to raise the level of discussion around UX books next year; here’s a preview of what we’re thinking. More on this soon…