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Ironing out some kinks


Bright Creative’s Dave Shea, esteemed designer of this site, follows up on the two issues that a number of you raised with the site’s design:

There’s a recurring debate in web design circles over layout methods, and whether web sites should be a fixed width (usually 700 pixels wide)
or whether they should expand and contract to fill your screen.

As we were building the Rosenfeld Media web site, we decided to try out a relatively new script that would more intelligently switch between both. It tested well, but some of you noticed a disconcerting resize effect upon page load as the script compensated for wider screens. The original creator of this method, Cameron Adams, dug into the script and worked
out the problem
, so a big thanks to him for the fix.

Also, as referenced earlier, we’ve had a spot of bad luck with the contact form on this site. Our anti-spam measures were running amok, so we ended up making a tough choice between higher security and better usability. The form is back up and all systems are go; sorry for the inconvenience.

Many thanks to Dave and Cameron, and to all of you who provided the input that’s helped us improve this site.