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New book, new webinar on sustainable design


Nathan Shedroff’s amazing career has taken many twists and turns; most recently he’s emerged as one of the design world’s most effective advocates for ensuring that our products and services are designed with sustainability in mind.

Aside from being a wonderful teacher (read Core77’s coverage of his recent talk at the aptly-named Compostmodern event), he’s persuasive; in fact, he recently convinced Rosenfeld Media to stop our practice of individually shrink-wrapping our books.

Nathan’s new book, Design Is the Problem: The Future of Design Must Be Sustainable will go on sale in about two weeks (click here to be notified and receive a discount as soon as it becomes available). And on March 25, Nathan will be teaching our next Future Practice webinar: Design Is the Problem: Getting to the Point Quickly with Sustainable Design. In addition to the live webinar, the ticket also includes both his book (we’ll ship it as soon as it’s available) and a recorded version to share with colleagues.

And to make the deal even sweeter, use code RMWBNR for 20% off your purchase of the webinar/book combination.