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Announcing the Program for Product Management + UX Conference


The Product Management + User Experience virtual conference program is live! Thanks to the 150+ people who sent in feedback to help inform the final program content. Our six speakers will tackle your most top of mind questions. Register yourself or your whole team so you can better tap product management to design successful products.

The Program Lineup

Good to Great

The market competition is fierce these days. Users can choose from thousands of apps and products. So what questions do you need to ask to make well-designed products that are widely adopted in the world? Marty Cagan will share insights on how to smartly use design and product management to make and launch successful products.

Balancing Continuous Discovery and Delivery

Many product design teams struggle to balance research and discovery with production. How do you cross this imaginary line? Jeff Patton will help you identify a clear set of measures to improve this balance. By incorporating discovery in ways that are lean and meaningful, you can take advantage of missed opportunities and improve product performance.

Whose Job Is It?

When designers and managers are too constrained by title, talented people get underutilized. And in turn, the product suffers. Laura Klein knows a better way. By organizing work around people’s strengths, everybody can deliver value to the customer. Laura shares this exciting line of thinking that you can use to transform your own team’s work.

There is No Such Thing As UX Strategy. There is Only Product Strategy.

Most companies have yet to realize that UX strategy and product strategy are the same thing. By focusing too much on differences, you create silos and impede collaboration. And ultimately, miss important opportunities in the market. Jeff Gothelf will share new ways designers and product managers can rethink this relationship. And tap the best thinking from each approach.

UX <3 PM: 6 Ways To Learn Better Together

Designers and managers can work at cross-purposes because each can so easily lose sight of the other’s unique value. Tomer Sharon will elaborate on how to tap the rare gifts designers and product managers offer each other. And how to articulate an agenda that brings them together after all.

Get to Radical Focus with OKRs

Few things rally an organization to life like a monumental goal. But it has to be well considered and clearly delineated. Christina Wodtke will share the advantages of using objectives and key results (OKRs) to create a high level of zeal and discipline for your entire organization.

Taking the Next Step

If you’re ready to improve collaboration between your designers and product managers, join us on February 3! Hear from these six thought leaders from anywhere in the world. You can use this day as an opportunity for your teams to break silos and learn together. Both individual and meeting rooms ticket give you access to unlimited replays and surprise perks. Register now.