Now available: Design for Impact by Erin Weigel

Coming in 2016: Build Better Products by Laura Klein


What does it take to build incredible products? Many UXers have experienced the highs and lows of working hard on a product fueled by a great idea only to watch it fall short of users’ expectations at launch. This all-too-common story has sent UX people delving into the world of product management, and vice versa.

That’s why we’ve signed Laura Klein, author of O’Reilly’s UX for Lean Startups, to write Build Better Products (due out in 2016). Laura will take you step-by-step through the process of building products that people truly love to use.

Why we’re excited about this book:

  • This might be the first product management handbook that pulls it all together for UXers and product managers alike.
  • Laura will share expertise that comes from helping many Silicon Valley startups fine tune their product development processes.
  • Laura is crazy funny and insightful—you’ll laugh while you learn practical methods for building products that live up to what users need and want.
  • Not every company can afford to hire a coach like Laura. So we figured we’d bring Laura to you.

She’s pretty driven to write this book. Read why.

What do you most want to know about building better products? Let Laura know by commenting below…