Stop Wasting Research Cover

Stop Wasting Research

By Jake Burghardt

To be published: 2024

UX research, data science, market research, and other insight-generators fuel decisions in today’s product organizations. Yet many of their crucial insights fail to land with leaders and stakeholders. These insights are experienced as fleeting inspiration, becoming effectively lost in the deluge of other information and priorities. Even as tech organizations tout their use of ‘data’ in decision making, much of their essential research languishes in low-engagement archives, failing to drive what’s next.

Stop Wasting Research explores three root causes, then provides ways forward and action ideas to better integrate insights into your product planning and design practices. From preparing research communities and their outputs for extended impacts, to crafting new motivators for putting insights to use, to pushing the right touchpoints with research knowledge – Stop Wasting Research will help you enhance collaboration, amplify learning, increase research literacy, and drive customer-centered launches.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Beyond momentary sparks
Chapter 2: Where are we wasting research?
Chapter 3: How do we move forward?
Chapter 4: Step up from silos
Chapter 5: Organize for impact
Chapter 6: Interpret now for later use
Chapter 7: Clarify what matters most
Chapter 8: Expand ownership
Chapter 9: Evolve definitions of success
Chapter 10: Push recurring interactions
Chapter 11: Sync to decision points
Chapter 12: Capture rationale in plans
Chapter 13: Picturing a world without research waste