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Unlock Organizational Success with Harry Max’s New Book, Managing Priorities: How to Create Better Plans and Make Smarter Decisions


What is prioritization? And why is it so important? How do we step back and pinpoint our pitfalls in prioritizing, and how do we determine the right course of action to get us—and our business—back on track? In this exciting new release from Harry Max—Managing Priorities: How to Create Better Plans and Make Smarter Decisions—you’ll find the answers to those pressing questions and learn how to harness the power of prioritization to boost your business.

What will you gain from reading Managing Priorities?

At its core, prioritization in business is about untangling the web of competing interests, identifying what’s most important, and organizing tasks accordingly. It’s about clarity in the face of complexity, a beacon guiding your team through the noise to achieve their goals. And while it may seem straightforward, mastering prioritization requires a nuanced approach—one that goes beyond simple time management tricks. That’s where Managing Priorities comes in.

Drawing from years of experience in Silicon Valley, Harry Max guides readers through the art and science of prioritization, offering practical tools and insights to help you navigate the complexities of modern business. From understanding the difference between urgent and important to establishing actionable plans that drive results, you’ll learn how to use prioritization to foster success.

Within this book, the costs associated with a lack of intentional prioritization in your business becomes clear: declining company performance, dwindling market share, a suffering brand reputation, poor employee morale, and so on. A business run with clarity, focus, and intention will far surpass one of misalignment, reactivity, and burnout.

Readers will explore different methods of prioritization, including the Eisenhower Matrix, the Analytic Hierarchy Process, and the Max Priorities Pyramid. You’ll learn how to identify, understand, and address your current state or lack of prioritization (the context of your problem, the people involved, and the issues surrounding timing). Finally, you’ll discover how to select and implement the right approach to prioritization for your company’s specific needs.

Who should read Managing Priorities?

Leaders in virtually every industry can benefit from the tools and techniques outlined in Managing Priorities. Anyone in charge of managing a team will gain insight on cutting through the chaos, making more impactful plans, and fast-tracking the most pressing items to the forefront.

Managing Priorities is geared toward new or recently promoted managers and entrepreneurs dealing with strategy activation, planning, or resource allocation. It’s for supervisors on the verge of taking on a wider range of responsibility, who want to stave off stress and burnout by implementing a smart approach to prioritization. This book is also for business students looking for an introduction to management.

What readers are saying about Managing Priorities

Marc Randolph, co-founder and first CEO of Netflix, calls Managing Priorities “required reading for anyone wanting to be a better business leader.” He adds, “People have long known it is important to have clear priorities and then focus on them. But no one ever tells you how to do it. But that’s exactly what Harry Max does.”

Author and XPLANE founder Dave Gray lauds Harry as “one of the smartest people [he knows]” and commends Managing Priorities for its clear outlining of the key elements of prioritization, how it works, and how you can put it to work for yourself, your team, and your organization.

Take a sneak peek inside the book

Ready to take control of your priorities and realize your team’s full potential? This free sample chapter of Managing Priorities gives you a snippet of what’s in store.

Meet the author

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Harry Max has been a founder/CEO, operational leader, and strategy consultant with startups, innovators, and global brands, including Apple, Adobe, PDI/DreamWorks, Google, Hewlett-Packard, Microsoft, PayPal, productOps, Rackspace, Symantec, and Yotascale. His work has received international acclaim in the Economist, The New York Times, TEDx, and The Wall Street Journal. An NLP Master Practitioner, as well as a seasoned executive player-coach and product development leader, Harry Max currently serves as a managing partner at Peak Priorities, LLC.