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New book signing: Nathan Shedroff on sustainable design


Four years ago, Peter Morville rolled out the user experience honeycomb, with its seven facets of UX. Since then, there’s been something of a cottage industry of suggesting new facets (all of which, unfortunately, throw off the geometry of Peter’s elegant hexagon).

Perhaps it’s time to consider adding yet another facet: sustainability. What and how we design has implications, especially when our designs are ultimately fabricated, transported, and physically consumed. In this time of post-peak oil and environmental worries, designers have an even greater responsibility to consider how our work impacts our planet.

That’s why Rosenfeld Media will be publishing Nathan Shedroff’s newest book, Design is the Problem: The Future of Design Must be Sustainable”. It’s a bit of a departure for us—this is not a practical UX “method” book—but if it helps all of us to bake sustainability into our design processes, it might be the most practical topic we could ever cover.

It’s also an opportunity to work with Nathan, who continues to make amazing contributions to the field. His energy is boundless, and his passion for sustainability is humbling. We can’t wait for his book to arrive!

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