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“Web Form Design” now on sale!


Web Form Design

We’re excited to announce that Luke Wroblewski’s long-awaited book, “Web Form Design: Filling in the Blanks,” is now available! And with hundreds of sales since our soft launch earlier today, apparently we’re not the only ones!

When you buy directly from Rosenfeld Media, you’ll pay US$36 for the paperback and digital editions, US$19 for digital only. (Compare with US$36 for paperback only at Amazon.)

The paperback is 244 pages with high quality paper stock, a sewn binding, and a full color interior. At 6″x9″, it’ll be easy to stuff in your carry-on bag for reading during the flight to your next client meeting. And of course, the digital edition (373 pages) is pretty easy to take along too; in fact, it’s been designed, tested, and optimized for on-screen use. Both editions are graced with 216 illustrations, which we’ve made available for you via Flickr to peruse, download, and use in your own presentations.

We’re quite thrilled with Luke’s work—from his original research to the volume of practical advice he’s managed to cram into this book. We hope you’ll enjoy it as much as we have.