For Prospective Authors

Question: Why publish with Rosenfeld Media?

Answer: We help you write a better book.

  • First rule of writing a book: Find the publisher that already reaches the same people that you want to reach. Rosenfeld Media was created to serve the user experience community.  Take a quick look at who writes for us and what they write about, and it’ll confirm our UX credentials.
  • Rosenfeld Media’s publishing approach is designed to engage with the UX community while a book is being written and after it’s published. It starts by working closely with our publisher, who happens to be a best-selling UX author, on your proposal. Then our incredible advisors tell us how to improve your proposal. Hours after you sign a contract, we create a “book-under-development” web site for you so you can begin engaging and sharing content with the community. And of course we bring in an ace team of editors to make sure your writing sings. We’re here to help you try out new ideas, test them as you go, and refine them with input from exactly the people you’re trying to reach.
  • Our business was built from the start upon UX principles. We’ve conducted extensive research and user testing on prototypes of our books’ designs, and continue to fine-tune them based on feedback from readers. We sell most of our books directly—cutting out retailers, distributors, and other middlemen—which results in a regular, direct dialogue with the people who read our books and use our site. That’s why you’ll know that your readers are not only having a good experience with your book, but also with your publisher.
  • Our books are beautiful. We don’t mess around—each title has a four-color interior. Each is lovingly printed on high-quality paper with sewn bindings. Each has a fantastic cover crafted by a rock star designer, and they’re already winning awards. And each comes out digitally—in screen-optimized PDF format, printer-optimized PDF format, EPUB format for your iPhone or Sony Reader, and MOBI for Kindle. All digital formats are DRM-free.

Answer: We help you better promote your book.

  • Because of our unsurpassed visibility and reach within the UX community, we get you in front of the field’s influential leaders before you even sign a contract. When you do sign, we include a joint marketing plan in the contract. Your book-in-development site will be manna for search engine optimization. We tweet your blog posting and get the word out about your conference presentations. And due to our ongoing involvement in the UX community, your book gets pre-publication promotion that you cannot get elsewhere.

Answer: We pay you more.

  • Our royalties are higher than what you’d get elsewhere. And they’re worth more because—thanks to our cutting out the middleman—our margins are much better than those of traditional publishers. And thanks to our effective targeting and better margins, we can take on narrowly focused books that other publishers don’t think will sell enough copies to be profitable.

Answer: We’re easier to work with.

  • We’re UX practitioners, just like you. We know what it’s like to write a book for this community, and we’ve geared our entire development process around helping overcome the typical challenges that make it hard for part-time authors like you to be successful in producing and promoting a great book.
  • Our model makes more sense because we straddle the sweet “middle” spot of publishing. You won’t deal with the bureaucracy and old school approach of a traditional publishing company. And you won’t have to invent an entire editorial and publishing platform for one title. We do all those things for you, while remaining small and nimble enough to respond to the changing worlds of UX and publishing.
  • Plus, you know, we’re cooler and more fun.

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