Now available: Design for Impact by Erin Weigel

A month of gathering ideas


September 2010 flew by:

  • the excitement of announcing this book;
  • off to HCI2010 at the University of Abertay in Dundee, where I led a workshop on survey design
  • back to England and right down to Cornwall for a few days holiday (I know we’re a small island here, but that’s more than 500 miles)
  • a quick visit to CX Partners in Bristol for a fascinating informal chat about surveys
  • analysing the data and writing the first draft of a report on a survey about how different groups use a camp site for people with physical disabilities
  • back home – where, amazingly, the ‘work while you’re away’ fairies had failed to deal with my in-tray
  • a great telephone meeting with my development editor
  • and a visit to the UK UPA evening about books, where I picked up some tips about writing and some contact details from UX professionals who are willing to talk with me about surveys.

I’ve also had some great email conversations offline, especially with Inge De Bleecker.

Lots of ideas buzzing around in my head, but not a second to tell you about it here and get your opinions. Frustrating!

But please keep those ideas coming, either here or directly to me. I’ll start discussing them here soon, I promise.