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Designing Media Queries: A Few Great Resources


On September 12, our next event, The Mobile UX Summit, is coming to your virtual office! We’ve asked Josh Clark, Brad Frost, Theresa Neil, Greg Nudelman, Jason CranfordTeague, and Mike Fisher for 27 tips and 2 case studies on designing mobile experiences. You’ll walk away with new mobile UX insight and skills, get some questions answered—and the session recordings are included with your registration.

This week we picked Brad Frost’s brain about media queries in Mobile Design.

Brad Frost: Here are some of my favorite resources in regard to designing media queries properly:

Determining Breakpoints in Responsive Design – Tim Kadlec’s book Implementing Responsive Design provides a treasure trove of helpful tips and information for wandering down the responsive road. He discusses how to determine breakpoints in responsive sites not by popular device widths, but rather by your content and design.

The EMs have it: Proportional Media Queries FTW! – Lyza Gardner exaplains why using relative units instead of pixels for media queries results in more accessible, future-friendly experiences.

There Is No Breakpoint – Ben Callahan explains why “What breakpoints should I use?” is a foolish question to ask.

Essential considerations for crafting quality media queries – Zoe Gillenwater provides a massive list of techniques, pros, and cons for many media query techniques.

Tweakpoints – Jeremy Keith explains how the crucial difference between major breakpoints and minor breakpoints.

Rosenfeld Media: Thanks Brad!

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