Now available: Design for Impact by Erin Weigel

The future: now 25% off!


Many of you have brightened many a day here at Rosenfeld Media headquarters by asking if you could subscribe to our books. Well, here’s our bad news/good news response.

First, the bad news: we can’t offer you a new book, like clockwork, every quarter or month—we simply don’t which books will be coming out when. Authors are just that way.

Now the good—no, great—news: as of today, you can purchase the next four books we publish right now, at a 25% discount. We don’t know which books those will be—but there will be books. In fact, as of this moment, we have a cool dozen in the pipeline, and anticipate publishing five of them in 2011.

So, if you’re interested in getting a great deal on the future, our Future Pack is for you. There are two versions:

  1. US$109 (plus heavily discounted shipping) gets you our next four paperbacks, shipped to your door (don’t worry, we’ll check to see if your address has changed before we ship each) plus our digital versions in four fantastic formats (ePUB, MOBI, and two flavors of PDF).
  2. US$59 gets you our next four titles in digital formats only, all instantly downloadable.

Not sure? Decide later; this offer isn’t going away any time soon! Or be a stick in the mud and just keep up with our new book releases the old fashioned ways.