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Love (and books) to UX Book Clubs


We’ve been huge fans of the growing UX Book Club movement ever since it was a twinkle in Steve Baty’s and Andrew Boyd’s eyes. In a few months, about 60 clubs have cropped up in locations all around the world (is there one in your area? if not, start one; it’s easy). Just this month, there are over 20 meetings, from Auckland to Warsaw.

If you’re an organizer, here’s how Rosenfeld Media can help:

  • We’ll send a code for a whopping 30% discount for you to share with your local UX Book Club peeps
  • We’ll send complimentary copies of our books (paperback and digital to US-based clubs, digital only outside the US)
  • We’ll cajole our authors into joining the discussion via Skype or equivalent; so far, they’ve been quite willing!

We’re proud that each of our titles has been the subject of book club meetings; in fact, Indi Young’s Mental Models is, at this time, the second most-discussed book. In any case, the UX Clubs are a Good Thing, and we’ll try to do our best to help out. Please let us know if there’s anything else we can do.