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WUD promo: 50% off our sustainable design book and webinar


The theme of this year’s World Usability Day, which takes place on November 12, is “Designing for a Sustainable World”. WUD is a truly global event, and sustainable design is certainly a global issue. It’s also a personal issue for UX people; whether you’re testing a web site or designing a new mobile device, your work will have an impact on people, the environment, and economic systems. What can you do to ensure your solutions leave the smallest possible footprint on our planet, promote social justice, and contribute to stable, sustainable economies?

Nathan Shedroff provides a framework to help you answer this question in his book Design Is the Problem (and in its accompanying webinar). According to Nathan, “usability professionals have an incredible opportunity to build more sustainable solutions across the widest possible criteria and type of solutions. I’m thrilled that this community is so authentically interested in making a difference to the world over and above traditional customer needs.”

To help publicize Nathan’s work and support this year’s World Usability Day, Rosenfeld Media is offering a 50% discount on both the book and the webinar. Code WUD09 can be redeemed in our storefront until November 15.

Don’t forget to visit the WUD site to learn more about this year’s many events and how to get involved.