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New book: Tomer Sharon’s Validating Product Ideas


One thing that you’ll immediately notice about our newest book—Tomer Sharon’s Validating Product Ideas Through Lean User Research—is that it’s so danged practical. To create the book, Tomer used a radically simple (and practical) recipe:

  1. Interview hundreds of startup founders and project managers about the questions that keep them up at night
  2. Group them into nine critical questions (e.g., “Do people want the product?” and “Which design generates better results?”)
  3. Guide readers through a few quick and inexpensive user research methods that actually answer each of those critical questions

The results are fantastically useful for anyone who is struggling to reduce risk and increase product success.Validating Product Ideas Through Lean User Research cover thumbnail

In other words, lean user research meets product management.


In some respects, this book—our 24th!—is a return to our practical, “here’s how you do it” roots. In another sense, it wasn’t written for UX people at all. Tomer, like so many of us, wants to democratize what many UX people already know. So if you’re a product manager or developer, this book is most definitely for you. But if you’re steeped in user research methods, you’ll still appreciate Tomer’s help in doing what you’ve already been doing: sharing the UX good news with the people you work with.

Like every Rosenfeld Media book, Validating Product Ideas comes in four-color paperback and four DRM-free ebook formats (ePUB, MOBI, PDF, and DAISY). Enjoy!