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Writing and looking for stories


So, what’s been happening with the surveys book for the last three months? A lot!

  • Wrote the first chunk of the book, on rating scales (sneak preview: I come out in favour of 5 points).
  • Went to Australia for a holiday and the OzCHI conference. Took the opportunity to do a bunch of interviews with Australian UX people on how they use surveys. Lots of ideas.
  • Taught a revised version of my surveys tutorial at OzCHI. Lots more ideas, and a new outline for the book.
  • Came back, went to Lausanne for a day and got caught in the UK snow in December. Got to know every inch of Geneva airport and practice my British skills in queuing.
  • Enjoyed Christmas.
  • Created a revised outline for the book based on all those ideas from Australia.
  • Didn’t enjoy the New Year at all due to a most annoying cold that turned into conjunctivitis.

Now I’m better and catching up with my New Year resolution to post more on this blog. And I know that Lou is watching me… so here is the start.