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UX Bookmobile takes a roadtrip


The UX Bookmobile is about to make its way to snowy Colorado. It’ll start out its frosty tour in Boulder, taking in the IxDA’s Interaction conference with its two acolytes in tow. After enjoying a few days of microbrews, meditation, and quinoa salads, it’ll dodge over to Aspen for an extended ski break, then head to Denver for the IA Summit, and yet more microbrews.

The UX Bookmobile wants you to know that it’ll carry loads of all Rosenfeld Media titles for you to peruse, both in paperback and in four digital formats on its trusty iPad. All will be heavily discounted, and you can pay on the spot using a credit card (via Square).

It also wants you to know that it loves you. And that you should really call home more often.