Now available: Design for Impact by Erin Weigel

Downloading digital books to your favorite device


Given how many devices there are out there, as well as a plethora of formats and channels, it’s understandably confusing to get a digital book into your favorite reader. Worse, it seems that the digital publishing landscape changes every fifteen minutes or so.

To make life a little easier, we’ve made available what will likely be a permanently “living document” of instructions for reading our digital books on different devices. We don’t own every cool new reader, so we can’t test everything. So please help us help you and let us know if we’ve gotten anything wrong.

We’d also greatly appreciate photos or screen grabs of how our books—PDF or ePub—look on your readers. (Email them to info [at], and please be sure to let us know what device and software you’re using.)

Onward and upward into the world of digital publishing!