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New Workshop Added to the EX19 Conference Lineup on June 5


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Up-leveling Enterprise Data Visualizations

“Make it sexy!” “Add some animated gauges!” “What about a dark theme?”

Have you ever been tasked with designing a mission critical, innovative, exciting dashboard? By tomorrow? sigh…

It is hard to tell, but these directives are actually a cry for help. Your organization is begging for great data visualization and you’re just the one to save them. Our workshop will arm you with the superpowers necessary to bring innovative, exciting and usable dashboards, reports and analytics to your products.


Behind most enterprise applications, there is a mind-blowing amount of information. With tools available today – from PowerPoint to code libraries to BI software – anyone can visualize data. But the tools don’t know what your users need. It’s up to us to make sure our data visualizations answer these questions:

Is it useful? Is it understandable? Is this what users want or need to know (and at the right time)? Do they have the information they need to take action?

You have to know who you are trying to reach and what they need to know or do before you decide how to use data that you have.

Learning the fundamentals of data visualization can help you up-level your data visualizations and dashboards and use any of your tools more effectively to communicate data in a way that people can quickly and clearly understand, and use.


Designers, front end developers, product managers, their leadership, and anyone interested in learning tool-agnostic fundamentals of effective data visualization design and user validation. This workshop is not for anyone looking to learn how to use a specific data visualization tool.


In this hands-on workshop (with prizes!), Theresa Neil and Jes Reynolds will cover the fundamentals of designing and testing charts and visualizations to help you up-level your data visualizations for dashboards, reports and analytics tools.

You’ll learn about:

  • The difference between explanatory & exploratory visualizations
  • General guidelines and best practices
  • How to choose the right chart
  • Using color effectively
  • Data visualization accessibility
  • Tips for testing data visualizations
  • Resources for tools and inspiration

Then you get to put all the fundamentals into practice, win some prizes, and have some fun tearing apart and fixing some egregious dashboards. (Some of these are baaaaad.) And did we mention there are prizes? Register.