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New book signing! Lisa Welchman will be Managing Chaos


We’re thrilled that Lisa Welchman has begun work on a new Rosenfeld Media book, Managing Chaos: Web Governance for the Enterprise (due out later this year).

Lisa is doing us all a service by taking on the 800 lb. gorilla in the room. Regardless of how much we invest in UX research, design, technology, or content strategy, it’s all too likely these efforts will fall flat if web governance hasn’t been addressed. Why? Well, so many of our organizations are messy environments that are rife with political intrigue and outright turf warfare. But there’s hope: better web governance will make your web environment the agile, coordinated business channel it was meant to be. And there’s no better person to tackle this topic than Lisa, who’s been at it longer—and more successfully—than just about anyone on the planet.

Interested? Then sign up here and we’ll email you when Lisa’s book goes on sale (we’ll send you a code for a nice discount as well). And if you can’t wait for Lisa to finish her book, you really ought to attend her web governance workshop in Washington, DC, this May 9.