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Explore Rosenfeld’s Newest Release, Design That Scales: Creating a Sustainable Design System Practice


As the world becomes increasingly more digital, design systems are becoming increasingly more important. With roughly five billion daily internet users, designing websites and apps at scale is critical to meeting the increasing demand for online information and services. But building successful design systems is no easy feat, and limited resources exist to support designers, engineers, and product people as they advance in their careers. 

In his forthcoming book, Design That Scales: Creating a Sustainable Design System Practice, design-systems expert Dan Mall draws upon his experiences helping popular brands create sustainable, successful design practices.

What will you gain from reading Design That Scales?

Design systems are not just for designers. Mall notes that these systems are highly valuable because they “serve the proverbial three-legged stool of design, engineering, and product.” Unfortunately, however, “most design systems fail because they aren’t integrated early enough into the grain of how an organization operates.” Design That Scales serves to guide readers away from that pitfall.

Not only will you learn how to create, manage, and sustain a successful design system, you will also gain a comprehensive understanding of the various components of a design system—and how they contribute to success. You’ll foster a culture of collaboration by discerning where each contributor fits within a design system team. You’ll learn how to measure a design system’s impact and demonstrate its value to stakeholders. Plus, end-of-chapter questions will help you steer your design system towards a profitable outcome. 

Design That Scales is a must-read for:

  • Individuals involved in building and maintaining design systems, regardless of size
  • Designers, engineers, and product managers seeking more efficient ways of working
  • Leaders and executives looking to drive meaningful change within their organization
  • Those who have experience designing web forms and tables but are unsure what’s next

What readers are saying about Design That Scales

Nadine Sarraj, Product Designer at 365 Retail Markets, says, “Dan’s book is a game-changer for our approach to design systems, leading to significant changes at my company, making it a must-read for streamlining anyone’s complex design systems! This book equips you with everything you need for your next design system transformation.”

Afyia Smith, Design Manager at Epic Games, says Design That Scales “will be my go-to resource for creating and managing design systems as they grow.”

Take a sneak peek inside the book

Design That Scales is a treasure trove of wisdom for both design system novices and seasoned practitioners alike. It not only provides guidance on building a successful design system, but also delves into the crucial aspects of measuring its success.

Want more? Check out a sample chapter for a taste of what you’ll find.

Happy reading, and enjoy your journey into the world of design systems!

Meet the author

Hailing from Philly, Dan Mall is a multi-talented creative force: an esteemed teacher, creative director, designer, founder, and entrepreneur. To help enterprise teams design at scale, he crafts, collects, and curates curriculum, content, and community at Design System University, his brainchild. Previously, he helmed SuperFriendly, a renowned design system consultancy. Dan discusses design systems, process, leadership, and more on his website,