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How to be a UX hometown hero


UX futures bannerHere’s a cool idea: you’re just a phone call or two away from hosting a one-day UX mini-conference in your hometown.

It’s simple: find a local sponsor or two to cover the venue and the ticket for our next virtual event—UX Futures—and invite your local UX pals. Network, recruit, and learn—just like they’ve done in Detroit, Michigan and Toledo, Ohio. (Some simple instructions follow.)

If you bring UX Futures to your town, you’ll be rubbing virtual shoulders with an incredible lineup of UX stars: Steve Krug, Jesse James Garrett, Margot Bloomstein, Nathan Shedroff, Abby Covert, and Andy Polaine. This November 5, they’ll present six mind-expanding visions of the future of the field and the impact it will have on the world—and on us.

All you need to do is find the sponsors and get the word out to your community. Here’s how:

  1. Find sponsors to provide a venue good for 50-100 attendees, projection, snacks, and the price of a group ticket (US$479).
  2. Publicize to your network and charge (using Eventbrite or Meetup) a nominal fee (we suggest US$20 to cover snacks or maybe light meals) to attend.

Why do this?

It’s a fantastic way to bring people together for networking as well as learning in a way that goes beyond simple happy hours and other social activities. During breakfast, lunch, and the day’s breaks, your attendees will naturally meet and talk. And it’s also a great way to meet your next boss—or your next hire.

Why sponsor?

Aside from generating good will and aiding the local community, sponsors can invite staff and clients to participate and learn, and use the event as a recruiting opportunity. Given that sponsors often already have meeting space to provide—and you to help with getting the word out—it’s an inexpensive way to make a local impact.

Here’s how Rosenfeld Media will help

To make this even more attractive, we’d be glad to:

  1. Mention and link to your local group and your sponsors on the event web site
  2. Mention your group in our social media (with a combined reach of about 80,000)
  3. Provide a full set of Rosenfeld Media’s UX digital books (currently 21 titles) to raffle off to a lucky attendee

Interested? Please let us know—we’d love to do what we can to bring this great UX event to your community.