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Dave Gray to write Agile Design Principles book


2013 isn’t quite in the can yet, but why dilly-dally? We’re already hard at work on our lineup of books for 2015 publication.

A few weeks ago we had the great pleasure of announcing Stephen Anderson’s next book: Design for Understanding. Today’s news is just as exciting: Dave Gray will be writing Agile Design Principles.

You likely already know about Dave–he helped start the visual thinking community, did groundbreaking work at XPLANE, and co-wrote two wonderful O’Reilly books: Gamestorming and The Connected Company.

For a publisher, Dave’s approach is a dream–he takes a journalistic approach to learning and writing about a topic, and does so in the open. Dave will publicly interview successful Agile teams to learn what principles and patterns worked for them–and might work for us all. We invite you to join Dave on his journey and share your own experiences; follow his book blog, or join the LinkedIn group or Google+ group to participate and keep up with Dave’s progress.

Dave’s book will fill a gap in our catalog–one that Anders Ramsay was working to address with his book Designing with Agile. Anders made a Herculean effort to tackle this topic, but it’s a slippery one, and ultimately the book was not meant to be. The good news is that the process of learning about design in Agile environments made Anders an expert on the topic; in fact, you can hire him work with your team via Rosenfeld Media. And we’ll maintain his book site, as it contains Anders’ excellent thinking and writing on the topic.