Announcing The User Experience Team of One (2nd edition)!

Navigating the future of UX with Designing with AI 2024, a new virtual conference from Rosenfeld


Step into a world where UX and AI come together to shape a new future of user experience. Welcome to Designing with AI 2024, a groundbreaking new virtual conference from Rosenfeld taking place June 4-5. At #DwAI2024, we’ll go beyond speculation about Artificial Intelligence’s (AI) impact on UX professionals. Instead, we’ll dive into two pressing questions: How can AI enhance the effectiveness of UX professionals? And equally important, how do we navigate and prevent potential pitfalls from hasty AI integration? Let’s explore what Designing with AI is all about, and why it is the must-attend event of 2024.

Empowering UX professionals with AI

Designing with AI 2024 isn’t just about discussing possibilities—it’s about action. Discover the ways in which AI can elevate your craft, exploring cutting-edge case studies and demonstrations that showcase practical AI applications in UX design, research, and content creation. From minimizing repetitive tasks to enhancing strategic impact, AI emerges as a powerful ally for conscientious product designers and UX professionals alike.

Navigating the ethical landscape

But with great power comes great responsibility. That’s why Designing with AI 2024 places a strong emphasis on ethical considerations. Each day will close out with expert-led panels that will scrutinize the prior demos and case studies, asking the tough questions meant to question ethical implications and foster critical thinking. You will walk away from this conference having gained insights into harnessing AI in humane and thoughtful ways, ensuring that its integration doesn’t inadvertently create bigger problems.

Engaging with community

Beyond our carefully curated conference program, Designing with AI 2024 offers a robust virtual conference experience. Rosenfeld has cracked the code with virtual—we’ve been doing this since 2020 and pride ourselves on our engaging virtual experience. Attendees will engage in meaningful discussions and forge new connections through our interactive conference Slack channel and unique attendee cohorts program. Whether you’re a UX designer, researcher, writer, or product professional, this conference provides a platform to network with like-minded peers, all centered around one of the hottest topics in UX right now.

Learning hands-on with workshops

But wait, there’s more! Dive deeper into the world of AI and UX with workshops at Designing with AI. These offerings are designed to equip you with practical skills and insights that you can put into action right away. Whether you’re eager to discover more about AI and content design, or the basics of data, models, and algorithms, our workshops have something for everyone. Get ready to learn from seasoned practitioners—we have four workshop offerings available!


Designing with AI 2024 isn’t just a conference—it’s a catalyst for change. By bringing together experts, thought leaders, and curious minds, #DwAI2024 will empower UX professionals to embrace the future with confidence and foresight. As we navigate the complex terrain of AI integration, this event will serve as a reminder to us all that with careful consideration and ethical practice, we can harness AI to create a more inclusive, innovative, and humane future for all.