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Indi Young’s “Mental Models” now on sale


We’re pleased to announce that Rosenfeld Media’s first book, Indi Young’s Mental Models: Aligning design strategy with human behavior is now available for purchase!

Mental Models is available in both full-color high quality paperback and screen-optimized digital editions. In fact, when you purchase the paperback, we’ll include the digital version, which will arrive in your inbox moments after purchase. We’ve also made much of Mental Models’ supplementary content and all of its images available via the book’s substantial web site and Flickr, respectively. At US$36 for paperback/digital, and US$19 for digital only, we feel we’re providing great value in addition to great content.

We’re able to provide you the best value because we’re foregoing the retail route; you won’t find Mental Models at your local bookseller. You can order it from Amazon, but you’ll only receive the print version that way. So… please order Mental Models directly from Rosenfeld Media today, and let us know how you like it (and how we can do better)!

Mental Models front cover