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Our Canucks-only contest


UPDATED, August 16: Well, looks like we made entering our contest a tad bit too hard. Perhaps it was unreasonable to assume you Canucks tend to be toting your copies of our books whilst loitering about the Plains of Abraham? So, we’ll make it easier: just email us your photo in front of your favorite Canadian landmark, with or without your Rosenfeld Media book in hand. Please do so by Monday, August 23. Much easier this way…

Shipping books to Canadian addresses has always been challenging for us. Even though our US fulfillment center is fewer than 40 miles from the Canadian border, the Canadian government randomly slaps huge duties on our shipments, and there’s little we can do about it. Even these guys couldn’t help:
Kids in the hall

Looks like the only possible solution is to fulfill Canadian orders from within Canada.

Along those lines, we’re experimenting with a Canadian fulfillment house. We’re dying to see if the books will actually arrive at Canadian addresses, unmangled, in a timely fashion.

Would you like to help us find out?

We’ll give away free copies of Luke Wroblewski’s Web Form Design to three lucky Canadians who enter our Canucks-only contest. Here’s how to enter: send us (info [at] rosenfeldmedia dot com) a photo of yourself, holding your favorite Rosenfeld Media book, in front of a recognizably Canadian landmark. (As a Canuck, we’ll leave it to you to define “recognizably Canadian”.) Include your name, email address, shipping address, and the name of the landmark. Do this by August 13. (If you’re selected, we’ll publicize your information and your photo.)

We’ll select three lucky duck Canucks, and ask you to let us know the date your free book arrives, and in what condition. That’s all there is to it!

Canada, like your Queen, we love your barrels of maple syrup riding down the beautiful St. Lawrence River. So please help us out!