Enterprise Experience Conference Program

We’re hard at work on the conference program which will revolve around four distinct themes:

  1. A New Kid on the Block: UX in Bricks-and-Mortar Industries: We’ll spotlight experience champions in the ‘brick-and-mortar’ industries: manufacturing, education, healthcare, hospitality, construction, and other established verticals.
  2. Keeping up with Rapid Growth: From Startup to Enterprise: Kids grow fast; companies do, too. The startup you joined a couple of years ago is now a big place with new players, new rules, and often a new culture. You blinked, and the world has changed around you. Our speakers will address the challenges of keeping up with rapid growth.
  3. Through the Looking Glass: The Outsider’s Perspective on the Enterprise: When in-house resources can’t keep up with demand, we often turn to external help. Sometimes, such relationships are love stories that produce beautiful and successful experience babies. But sometimes they lead to tension. We’ll hear from consultant or agency ‘outsiders’ who know enterprises like the back of their hands.
  4. The Inner Change: Collaborating Across Silos to Transform the Enterprise: UX transforms enterprise products and services, and now we start transforming enterprises themselves. Cross-functional case studies were a huge hit at last year’s conference, so this year, we’ll offer new cross-functional collaboration and knowledge transfer from folks who have transformed not only a product, but also their company.