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Nationwide User Experience is a team of problem-solvers who design differentiating experiences. Our design thinking mindset helps us simplify complex business problems and create the ideal experiences that are vital to staying ahead in today’s customer-focused world.

Making User Research Actionable

Heidi Munc, VP of UX at Nationwide, talks about research deliverables at Nationwide. Out: ponderous, 150 slide decks. In: magazine-like “shiny books” that better illustrate pain points and opportunities.

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Partners in Design

The Nationwide UX team had to get good at communicating the value of design or risked getting lost in the massive organization. One solution – bring engineers and business partners into the design process early.

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The Midwest: Fertile ground for UX

A thriving, diverse UX scene is emerging in the heartland, spanning a range of industries. “There are a lot of great companies building their design competency and need great people to do so,” says Heidi Munc, VP of UX at Nationwide.

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Rosenfeld Media interviews Jim Couch from Nationwide

We asked Jim Couch, Director of Design Operations and Client Services at Nationwide, some questions that get at the heart of why they’re passionate about enterprise design and design operations, what it’s like to work at Nationwide, and what makes their products and services special to enterprise professionals.

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Join the Nationwide UX leadership team to learn about the Nationwide user-centered design philosophy, process and future vision.

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Storytelling is not just for children or ancient mariners. Learn about stories as a communication tool with business partners, IT, or even UX colleagues. We will discuss tenets of storytelling, learn simple tools for shaping stories, and even a few exercises to share with your team.

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Join us to find out what we look for in our UX candidates, including the roles, skills and experience we typically look for and the reasons why Nationwide should be your employer of choice.

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The business model canvas is a classic tool for organizing the various aspects of your product or solution. We want to share how we use this tool in a human-centered way at Nationwide to generate research plans that lead us to creating delightful solutions for our users.

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