Advancing Research 2021

March 10-12—a Rosenfeld Media virtual conference

A ground-breaking conference created by researchers for researchers

Why attend?

  1. You won’t find a more thoughtfully-crafted program
  2. You won’t find a more varied or better-prepared speaker roster
  3. You’ll have the opportunity to learn and socialize in attendee cohorts
  4. You’ll come away with access to session and sketchnotes, recordings, and decks
  5. You’ll continue to learn and network year-round in the Advancing Research Community

How do we advance research in 2021?

Continuing with themes from AR2020, we’ll focus on the opportunities research practitioners and teams have to enable businesses to both do good and do well.

This year's conference themes

Our curation team has interviewed a variety of industry thought leaders to identify important opportunities to advance the practice of research.

Learn more
  1. Advancing our field
  2. Advancing practitioners and teams
  3. Advancing our business impact