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Advocating for UX in the Enterprise: How GM’s User Experience Team Builds Buy-In Across Business Units for User-First Design

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Most UX designers have experienced that finding strong insights to take to product teams is just the start of their job. From there, they must advocate for their research and build a business case for integrating their findings into products. Unfortunately, in some businesses, it’s difficult to be heard. 

At GM’s First Mile incubator, UX designer Jerra Murphy uses visual storytelling to help data scientists and business leaders synthesize her findings and understand the opportunities she’s uncovered for additional revenue through improved experience. By doing so, she helps align teams on the value of user experience, and ensure that her research is put into action in products. 

In this talk, Jerra will share her approach to advocating for UX research in the enterprise, and attendees will leave with new strategies for putting user experience in the front of mind for leaders.

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