Conference Themes

Grounded in extensive user research, EX2020’s themes were created for you by you.

Theme 1

Red Tape and Brick-and-Mortar: Transforming Century-Old Industries

What is it like to lead change in a century-old company, where the hierarchies are deep, UX is twice removed from the main business, and red tape is a norm? What is it like to push for design transformation at the scale of a nation?

Theme 1 brings five stories of successful UX Leadership in three industries that are a tough nut to crack: manufacturing, transportation, and government. From Canadian National Rail to Australian Post, from Ford to Department of Defense and Medicare services – these case studies will teach you how to engage and influence the toughest stakeholders.

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Theme 2

Keeping Up with Rapid Growth – From Startup to Enterprise

Successful startups turn into enterprises faster than toddlers turn into teenagers. The change brings new players, new rules, and often a new culture and definition of success. How do we keep up with rapid organizational growth? How do we evolve as our companies evolve?

Theme 2 brings together three case studies that highlight critical aspects of rapid growth: people, process, and product. Zendesk, the LEGO Group and VMware are no strangers to rapid growth; they have all turned growth pains into growth successes.

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Theme 3

Through the Looking Glass – The Outsider’s Perspective on the Enterprise

When in-house resources can’t keep up with demand, we often turn to external help. Sometimes, such relationships are love stories that produce beautiful and successful experience babies. But sometimes they lead to tension.

In Theme 3, we will hear from leaders at Salesforce and Mastercard who have both in-house and agency experience under their belt, as well as consultants from three different countries who know enterprises like the back of their hands. They will discuss what enterprises can learn from agencies and vice versa, and teach specific tactics they have developed to get the most out of outsider/insider relationship.

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Theme 4

Better Together: Partnering with Others to Transform

Enterprise Organizational transformation is a team sport. The Hero Journeys of transformation are rarely the stories of mavericks and determination; in real life, they are the stories of successful relationships and ‘better together’ leadership. How do we find partners to support our mission and amplify each other’s strength?

Theme 4 brings together four case studies that showcase partnerships across teams, functions, and geographies. They are co-presented by functional leaders who provide different perspectives on how to build relationships and infrastructure to enable cultural change and organization-wide impact.

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