Why Attend #EX2020?

We’re UX people who’ve been producing great UX conference experiences for the UX community for nearly a decade, so you know that we’ll sweat all the details: from making sure the technology works to keeping you in the loop through every imaginable channel to ensuring a safe and supportive environment where all feel welcome.

You won’t find a more varied or better-prepared speaker roster

Our speakers aren’t celebrities; they’re your peers who’ve successfully tackled the same challenges you face. We search hard to uncover new voices from under-represented communities, and spend months working with them to prepare their presentations. Oh, and they’re not on the program because their companies are sponsors.

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You won’t find a more thoughtfully-crafted program

We’re UX people, just like you—and our professional curators focus on researching and designing programs that will educate and inspire you. We practice what we preach—from user research to story mapping to information architecture—to make sure the presentations cohere, the program flows logically, and that they engage you mentally and socially.

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You’ll continue to learn and network year-round

The conversation never ends: your ticket includes membership in our vibrant Enterprise Experience community. Among other benefits, you can join with hundreds of your peers who meet monthly for video conference discussions with industry experts.

Enterprise Experience 2020 is a highly-designed experience, created by UX professionals for UX professionals… like you.

You’ll come away with content ready to share back at work

Put your pen down! We’ve got you covered with tons of high-quality content to bring back to the office. Your ticket includes exclusive access to presentation video recordings, decks, sketchnotes, tripnotes, and our speakers’ answers to attendee questions.