Michal Anne Rogondino
Founder & CEO, Rocket Communications, Inc.

Michal Anne Rogondino is the founder and CEO of Rocket Communications, an Enterprise User Experience design company based in Silicon Valley. For over 25-years she has offered professional UX design solutions to Fortune 500 and emerging technology companies.

Michal Anne Rogondino began her professional design career at Apple, creating the UX designs for a number of foundational Macintosh products. Since that time she has committed her career to building a team capable of designing brilliant experiences for any digital product imaginable. Whether it’s fintech, a medical device, or even a satellite command and communications system, Michal Anne and her team have the capacity to manage huge projects with massive levels of complexity. The scale of Rocket’s projects may be growing, but their mission has always been the same: To make the complex simple and help people work better.